Picturing Evanston

The Project

Picturing Evanston is a celebration of the city’s vibrant arts community and an intimate look at the artists, makers, and artisans who create here.

With its initial phase launched in Spring 2018, Picturing Evanston is not meant to be a complete catalogue of every artist and creative endeavor, but an intimate portrait of some of the city’s creatives and their work and the entrepreneurs, organizers and businesses who support them.

At the heart of Picturing Evanston is the desire to highlight and celebrate those who bring beauty and life to this city along the lake, making it a haven for so many artists, writers and others who call it home.  

Picturing Evanston is a long-term project conceived by Joerg Metzner, who has always felt the need to document the places that he’s lived in. He grew up in Germany, lived in Ireland and California and has been calling Evanston home for longer than any of the other places that he’s lived.

This website will chronicle the project with the goal of publishing a book and exhibiting the photos. 

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