Picturing Evanston

Victoria Loeb

What brought you to Evanston?
Since I moved to West Rogers Park in early 2007, I’ve slowly become part of the Evanston community as well.

How does your environment inform your art?
Over 3 years ago I finally found a space near downtown Evanston that has become my new studio, as well as a gallery for the art shows I organize a few times a year.

What is your medium?
I work in a variety of mediums, from traditional oil on canvas, to acrylic and mixed media. I like experimenting with latex (a very underestimated material) together with charcoal & pastel.

Describe your art, in a hundred words or less.
My Art is Figurative, with an emphasis on the human form. I like working with bodies, both male and female. I’ve been fascinated by anatomy, since I was a little girl; I’d sit down at my parents library in our home and go through anatomy books, studying shapes and form, before I even learned how to read.

Although figurative, my work is also expressive with a focus on the line and drawing. I strive to find a balance between drawing and painting; two of my passions.

Photography plays a big role in my art as well, as I studied it back in Argentina. It has influenced my work greatly.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a series of bodies: more contemporary and minimal figures, with strong lines and drawing. Mostly mixed media: latex, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor pencils.

Name one piece of art, by any artist, that blew your mind or otherwise inspired you.
In the last year or so I discovered Jenny Saville’s work, which reminds me of images from American photographer Cindy Sherman (who blew my mind back in the year 2000 at her solo show in Cologne, Germany). Saville’s paintings are both  shocking and beautiful at the same time. Her use of light and color are exceptional, just like in Sherman’s work.

Why art?
Art in its many forms, from fine art, to music, literature, cinema, photography, dancing and even culinary art, is what makes life worth living in my eyes; they are the biggest pleasures in life. I’ve always done art, and use such attitude in everything I do, putting passion everywhere and as much as I can.

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