Picturing Evanston


Stitch, by Warren Langley

Artist Statement by Warren Langley:
My initial response to the images of this site was to create a work of great drama to counterpose the dark, drabness of the location. This has been my approach to similar public artworks in “under overpass” precincts. In this instance however, the proximity to vehicular traffic (and the implied issues of distraction) requires an approach which whilst conveying a sense of drama, nonetheless conveys a visual intrigue which operates on a more subtle level.

“Stitch”, the title of the work, is a 24 hour (day and night) artwork which is a metaphor for the connectivity implicit in the site between the neighbourhoods to the North, West, East and South. Moreover it represents a visual connectivity which stitches together the triangulation of Green Bay Road, Emerson Street and Ridge Ave and provides a marker point or sense of gateway between the neighbourhoods

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