Picturing Evanston


So far...

… so amazing. First, a big thank you to everyone who invited me into their studio and allowed me to witness and document their creative process and to photograph the spaces in which they create.

Newsletter No. 01

This newsletter has been a long time in the making. Ten months to be exact--March 2018 when this project began. Whenever I was about to sit down and write, an opportunity for a studio visit pulled me away. 

Now, with the start of a new year and fifteen artist visits completed, it’s a good time to launch the Picturing Evanston inaugural newsletter.

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So far it’s been an experience that has improved my outlook in these tumultuous times. With every new studio visit I am discovering more incredible aspects of the creative community here in Evanston and look forward sharing these experiences through my photography and artist interviews.

The idea for Picturing Evanston had been germinating for a number of years, but it wasn’t until I got hit by the force that we all know as Lisa Degliantoni and her Evanston Made organization that I felt ready to jump feet first into this project.

Ben Blount was so gracious to be the first artist inviting me into his, then tiny basement letterpress studio. He had no idea who I was and what the outcome of my visit would be. I am thrilled to see Ben settling into his new, light filled, studio on Florence Ave.

Some artists, because of the nature of their work, require multiple visits, like Craig Jobson at Lark Sparrow Press or Vanessa Filley, who I visited with two times so far. I am waiting for a third opportunity to capture Vanessa’s elaborate art making process.

I’m focusing on visual artists right now, but Picturing Evanston will eventually feature artists of all disciplines. 


Last summer I started documenting the many beautiful murals around town, the old and the new. There were a lot of new ones which I was able to capture as they were being created. And in the process I inadvertently ended up in one of them. It was an amazing summer for public art in Evanston, thanks to Lea Pinsky and Dustin Harris of the Evanston Mural Arts Program.

There is a news blog on picturing-evanston.com where I have been posting frequent updates. Keep checking to see what’s new. Also, the Picturing Evanston Instagram account is pretty active. 

For the Mayor’s Bright Night for the Arts celebration at the Block Museum last November I was asked to contribute a Picturing Evanston slide show, which you can see here

As the year is getting under way I am scheduling the next round of studio visits and can’t wait to finish editing and posting all the mural photographs.

Besides the ongoing photo sessions, I am contemplating a whole new phase for this project which I hope will come to fruition this year.

The latest addition is my visit with Joanna Pinsky, which you can view now on the site.

Now with the first edition of this newsletter out I will send subsequent issues more frequently.

If you have any thoughts and feedback please don’t hold back. After all, this project is all about community.  You can send me emails at joerg@picturing-evanston.com.

I am thrilled and thankful to call this very creative community my home. It’s making all the difference in my life and from what I’ve seen so far, in the lives of many others.

Joerg Metzner
Picturing Evanston